Weeks 3 & 4 Report

Please click here to download the full report:    Weeks Three and Four Report

During our third and fourth weeks of operation, Global Karuna underwent a great shift of tides. After navigating the stormy waters of emergency aid and indirect supply distribution, we took to the air to provide relief in the most remote areas of the country by direct delivery. Incredibly, we have completed a total of 12 helicopter relief and rescue missions. On these trips we have seen the beauty and devastation of Nepal, as well as the resilience and generosity of its people.

Global Karuna continues to supply food, as the most remote areas of Nepal are still in great need. In some places, unbelievably, we are the still the first to arrive with aid. Likewise, it remains a Global Karuna priority to provide survivors with the tools and materials they need to construct shelter before the monsoon season. In our distribution section you will see that we have begun distributing zinc metal sheets and nails to support reconstruction activities.

We have also been in the process of shifting our camp operations from Nepal Academy, Kamaladi, to Budhanilkantha. This has posed some challenges to our work but has also brought us new opportunities for long-term projects. We have been blessed to find our new location through our dharma connections, and slowly, this place will become our home, and the heart of our operations.

In the midst of establishing a new camp and distributing relief aid by land and by sky, we have still managed to look ahead, anticipating the future needs of Nepal and its people. Indeed, over the last two weeks, we at Global Karuna have begun to develop an innovative concept to adopt a village for sustainable reconstruction titled Namuna Gaun, A Model Village.

Finally, as we visited our future Model Village site, Chagam, in Sindhupalchowk we encountered the many challenges faced by survivors. We were especially moved by the 200 nuns who were now left homeless, and communicated to the nunnery’s management committee our desire to establish a camp for them in the Kathmandu Valley. With each passing day, their shelter is nearer to completion, and we look forward to welcoming them as early as next week.