Week 2 Report

Please click on the following link to download the full Week 2 Report:   Global Karuna Week 2 Report

Aid in Nepal has slowly dispersed and the basic needs of survivors in various affected areas are now being met. As a result, our second week of operation saw two significant changes: 1) a gradual shift from a mass distribution to all affected areas to a selective distribution to places outside the reach and interest of other aid organizations, and 2) a gradual shift from indirect supply towards a direct supply methodology. In the first week, Global Karuna was able to quickly and effectively fill a critical gap in relief efforts by supplying local volunteers and organizations with the materials they needed for further distribution. In this second week, we have delivered more of our supplies directly, by sending our own volunteers into the field. We also altered our inventory to include more items for home and shelter. Unfortunately our ability to distribute our new supply of building materials was hampered by new landslides and road blocks.

Despite scientists’ warnings that earthquakes might continue for several months, we were still shocked by the magnitude (7.3) of the latest earthquake on May 12th. This recent disaster broke not only homes and historical treasures, but also the hearts of the Nepali people. Behind the fear in their faces, there was the unmistakable presence of sadness. Global Karuna responded by establishing a camp to shelter those afraid to return to their homes. We hope that the near 300 people who came to us for help were able to find some sense of safety under the tent canopy we created in the open air.

Throughout the week, The Venerable Metteyya has been in negotiations to arrange the transport of supplies by helicopter. The limited availability and high cost of choppers has made it difficult to secure this method of distribution. However, we have had the good fortune to make arrangements for the following week, to reach some of the most remote areas of northern Nepal, near the Tibetan border.