Survivor Kasis Bohju

Kasis is one of the most miraculous cases of survival of the 2015 Nepalese earthquake.

This is her story:

May 2015:

Since we arrived in Kathmandu we have witnessed so much death, destruction and suffering every day, but yesterday was the hardest of them all, when we met 5-year-old Kasis Bhoju in Bhaktapur. She is the sweetest little being! Her story is one of great tragedy, but also one of hope. When her house collapsed, her mother and 7 other family members were trapped in the lower floors of the old building. Her father frantically tried to rescue them, and was able to pull out his sister, his daughter Kasis, and his little niece Jyoti, but lost his wife, mother, and 3 others. He told us tragically that he could still hear his mother and wife crying as the building continued to crush them during the long lasting shake and its aftershocks.

Little Kasis herself was crushed by a fallen roof. Her pelvic bone was crushed, and a broken bamboo from the rafters entered her body and ruptured her uterus and intestines. Miraculously, she was saved by the amazing doctors of Nepal Teaching hospital. She should still be in the hospital but has been discharged early to accommodate many other severely injured people. A cluster of steel braces support her waist and pelvic bones and she is on heavy medication. Her father and aunt are keeping her company as they mourn their grave loss. Little Kasis says that she misses her mom and would like to see her, but she is glad that her father and aunt are with her.

It’s difficult to bear the sight of little children suffering. Although we can't do very much for her, we are supporting her by supplying her with the necessary medications and will continue to follow her up with her until she has made a full recovery.

June 2015:

After her initial surgeries, Kasis was recovering very well and was discharged from the hospital into the care of her father and Aunt. She was slowly able to stand up on her own and take few steps with their support.

Unfortunately, a few days later she developed a severe infection in her wounds and was barely able to stand. Once we were alerted, we rushed her to a private hospital near her hometown in Bhaktapur, where doctors diagnosed her situation as severely critical and put her on a heavy dose of antibiotics immediately.

Ten days later her condition improved a bit and she was able to speak. It was heartbreaking for all of us to see this sweet little girl, who had already gone through so much and was on the brink of a full recovery, lying helpless on the hospital bed. We decided to make sure that her recovery would be supervised more closely.

After two weeks, Kassis’ condition began to improve slowly.

July 2015:

Now that Kassis’ condition has become stable, it’s time for her to have another surgery to take out all the steel implants supporting her pelvic bone. The Nepal Teaching Hospital that did her initial surgeries told us that due to their long waiting list, they would not be able to accommodate her for at least anther month. So we consulted some experts on this matter and they advised us that the steel implants needed to be removed as soon as possible, because they were making her susceptible to further infections.

While looking for a specialized hospital that would accommodate the surgery on time, we came to Dirghayu Hospital in Kathamndu. MD Mr. Suraj Shrestha and the doctors and nurses at Dirghyu were very helpful in accommodating Kassis’ surgery, and after 3 days of rest, she was able to go home. We are very grateful to the Dirghayu team for their support.

September 2015:

We are very glad to be sharing that Kasis has now recovered very well. Just yesterday, on 7th Sep. 2015, we got her admitted to her new school in Bhaktapur where she will have many new friends and receive nutritious meals.

We are very pleased with the nurturing power of all the love and care that she received such that that this little child, who was told that she wouldn’t survive or be able to walk again, now walks to school on her own. Indeed, it is a walk to freedom and hope for the new generation of Nepal.

Through Kasis’ story we will remember that there is always hope, even amidst the greatest tragedies. The death and destruction we witnessed after the earthquakes was such a traumatic experience for all of us that we often wondered if our efforts to help would make any difference at all. But no matter how daunting the task, we have learned through many little examples like Kasis that even the littlest bit of support goes a very long way, brings hope, and helps reignite people’s inspiration for living and rebuilding their lives.