Canadian Engaged Buddhism Association
CEBA is a small group of dedicated volunteers seeking ways to apply the insights of meditation practice and Buddha’s teachings to help relieve suffering and injustice. Individual member’s efforts and local initiatives focus on relieving animals’ suffering and environmental causes. Globally, CEBA supports the “Metta Family” projects of the Venerable Metteyya Sakyaputta in Lumbini, Nepal. Since its inception, CEBA has developed as a platform for the ideas of this wise and visionary young monk, taking a partner role with other agencies in seeing the Metta-Family of Projects come into being. CEBA has supported Global Karuna 100% in all of its work, and has made all of our efforts to bring aid to the people of Nepal possible. Founders include Ven. Bodhi Sakyadhita, Ven. Metteyya Sakyaputta, David Parker, Margaret Marean, Dayna McIntyre, Hira Moktan and Lisa Kapty.
Website: http://www.cebainfo.org/
Anatta World Health & Education Outreach
Anatta World Health & Education Outreach is a grassroots non-profit that creates and supports medical and educational programs in developing countries worldwide. They envision a world in which every person has access to adequate healthcare, education, and opportunity for self-empowerment. Anatta World Health & Education Outreach projects are conducted by request and through the support of direct local contacts. Feasibility studies and careful planning are at the foundation of every endeavor. They will offer support only after careful investigation of potential sites, analysis by our business team, and establishment of a trustworthy local network to ensure timely and appropriate delivery of supplies and services. They intend to further each little community they serve toward self-directed future growth and culturally guided optimization of lifestyle and opportunity. All project sites require routine follow up to document progress and evaluate ongoing need.

As an initial Anatta “Metta-Family” collaboration project, Anatta built a children’s library at the Peace Grove Nunnery in Lumbini, Nepal. The Anatta partnership is dedicated to improving health care and educational opportunities in Lumbini, building on the strong community support and foundational work of Venerables Metteyya and Bodhi. Their next project is a comprehensive rural health care program, including a hospital in Lumbini.

Anatta has collected and sent much needed donations to Global Karuna’s earthquake relief efforts and will continue their strong support when they move into the rebuilding phase.

Cornelia Santschi is Anatta’s founder and president.

Website: www.anattaoutreach.org
Medical Mercy Canada
Medical Mercy has nine long-term projects in Nepal, and also operates on the Thailand- Burmese border and the Ukraine. It empowers local champions to improve impoverished areas and create healthy communities. Trevor Ironside, Medial Mercy Canada director and manager of the Metta Family Karuna Girls College, joined us here in Kathmandu to assist us in our earthquake relief efforts personally. Since his arrival he has provided critical support to our medical and rebuilding projects. Thanks to Medical Mercy Canada, we are able to help the most vulnerable victims of this devastating natural disaster.