One Year Report

If you walk through Bhaktapur, Nepal today you will still see piles of bricks littering the streets. Open doorways and alleyways between buildings reveal collapsed ceilings and walls, while neighboring windows frame old curious faces looking down on you through smudged spectacles. Outer walls are convex or concave, or leaning to one side or another. The air is thick and dusty, as if the earth had not shaken one year ago but just one moment ago, and the rubble is still settling around you amidst the chaos of this ancient bustling city.

It has been a year since Global Karuna set up camp after the first 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Especially in the first few months, we worked tirelessly to aid those in need in some of the most remote places on earth. We distributed food, water, medical supplies, and tools and supplies for shelter to devastated mountain villages and the crumbling urban environment surrounding us. Thanks to local volunteers, collaborating organizations, and our donors, we were able to reach approximately 200 villages to provide assistance and give hope to their survivors. We also directed funds to organizations caring for injured and abandoned animals during this hectic time.

As the needs of earthquake victims changed, so too did our methodologies and strategies to assist them. As time passed, we engaged in long-term support for various groups and individuals, including a shelter for approximately 250 nuns from Bagam Village in Bungamati, a shelter for about 70 nuns from Taschi Gatsal Nunnery in Buddhanilkantha, medical and schooling support for little Kasis Bojhu, rebuilding support for locals, a camp near Boudhanath for the survivors of Baruwa Village, and health and education support for several schools and orphanages. For several months, we also had many meetings with local and international NGOs to discuss integrative development plans for the future.

We are so very grateful to all those who supported our work throughout this difficult year. Looking forward, we see that there is still a great deal to be done. In the next year, Global Karuna will focus its efforts on two major reconstruction projects: Namuna Gaun (Chagam/Bagam Village) in Sindhupalchowk and Gompa Lungdang in Tsum Valley, Gorkha. As we continue our efforts to help the victims of these devastating natural disasters by providing safe, sustainable, earthquake resistant homes and communities, we humbly request your continued support.

Please click the following link to download our full first year report: Global Karuna Annual Report