Global Karuna is focused on helping the most vulnerable children affected by the earthquake. Through our relief programs, we have worked with hundreds of villages and partnered with several organizations to select and support these groups of at risk children under the care of three organizations. Global Karuna will be implementing and monitoring the progress of its funding and support throughout the year, and will revise and help create a vision for the years to come. We believe that investment in the education and wellbeing of the children will go a long way in healing and rebuilding the lives of those affected by the earthquake.
Surya Children’s Welfare Service Center is a government registered Orphanage with 20 children under its care. These children, who have no living relatives, were recommended to the center by the National Child Welfare Board in Nepal.
Luckily, all children and staff were safely evacuated during the April 25th earthquake, but the rented building housing these children suffered irreparable damage. When Global Karuna found the orphanage a few days after the disaster, children and their caretakers were camping in an open field, struggling for food and shelter.

Since the earthquakes, Global Karuna has been providing food and continuing assistance to Surya. The children have been moved onto a temporary property, and have been admitted into new schools. Global Karuna has supported Surya in their enrollment and has provided textbooks, notebooks, and shoes. hen Global Karuna found the orphanage a few days after the disaster, children and their caretakers were camping in an open field, struggling for food and shelter.
All of Surya’s children are currently attending classes through Global Karuna’s funding, and to ensure that they continue receiving proper education we are partnering with other organization to secure long-term funding.
Dadagaoun orphanage is located on the northern rim of Kathmandu valley. The orphanage provides a safe home, food, healthcare and education for 40 orphaned children from various rural areas in the Nepalese mountains. With the guidance of our friend Steve Webster, we have supported the orphanage through our sister organization Anatta World Health and Education for the last 5 years, specifically in education and health.
The orphanage suffered severe damage in the earthquake. The main residence building’s walls collapsed and the kitchen and dining building walls have developed major cracks and have sunk into the ground. The toilet building is also unusable. Luckily, as the children were playing outside during the day, they were all safe and are free of injury.

With the help of their friends, the orphanage has raised enough funds to help rebuild the residence building and the work is already under the way. Global Karuna has partnered with other organizations to build a new kitchen and dining room for the orphanage. Because our support has been focused on health and education, we have been working on introducing a nutritious diet at the orphanage. The old kitchen is not hygienic and children have often suffered with health problems as a result.
Building a new properly organized kitchen and dining room will serve the children for long time to come, benefiting all current and future children who come to the orphanage.
Bagam Village lies in upper Sindhupalchowk district near the Tibetan border of Nepal. Sindhupalchowk district suffered the greatest loss of life and damage to its structures during the Nepal earthquake disaster. 3,531 people are reported to have died in the district and over 1,573 suffered severe injuries. Due to its remoteness and high mountain terrain, this district is very difficult to access during the 3 months of monsoon. Major landslides have blocked the highway and it is a great challenge for the people to reach out to the cities for various services.

Global Karuna has been working with the Listikot village development committee to provide food and shelter to over 400 families affected by the earthquake. We also worked with local villagers to open damaged roads so that supplies and shelter could be brought to the people in time.

We have managed to bring relief goods loaded on three large trucks in the region and have provided shelter to about 80 families who were in dire need. These families have been moved to a safer location for the shelter during the monsoon season. We are in touch with the villagers regularly to monitor the situation, and we are coming up with a systematic plan for the long-term re-building of the village.
Sindhupalchowk district also suffered majority damages to its school infrastructures. Over 546 schools were severely affected and over 2,746 classrooms were destroyed in the district.
It is the children who have suffered the most during the earthquakes of Nepal. As the communities are slowly trying to rebuild their lives, and trying to return to normalcy, young children need their schools. Schools have provided the only glimmer of hope in these remote villages of the Himalaya, and as many have been reduced to rubble, the hope for their reconstruction is very dim.
Mostly inhabited by Sherpa communities, Bagam village is an isolated community with very little access to main government programs in Nepal. A school in the village is the only opportunity for villagers to educate their children and to look forward to a brighter future for their community. The current school building, built with stone and mud, was destroyed in the earthquake. So Global Karuna is working with its partners to rebuild this primary school in Bagam, and restore hope to its community.