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05.02 Update

Today, the Kathmandu Relief Team (KRT) worked from morning until night. All day, local volunteers and representatives from various organizations stopped by the base-camp to pick up supplies. We moved water, food, and medical supplies in and out of trucks, vans, and tents – non-stop. We also welcomed the Venerable Metteya Sakyaputta to the base camp. He brought with him several suitcases of medical supplies from Canadian donors, and the afternoon and evening were spent creating an inventory of our supplies. Finally, we also spent a great deal of time on phones and on the internet connecting with pharmaceutical vendors and other organizations in need of supplies for remote villages and children’s homes. All in all, we were able to give 1,848 L of water, 2,891 packages of biscuits, and 966 packages of noodles, as well as medical supplies!


We contributed to the following organizations and individual volunteers:


One Bucket Campaign: 100 packages of ORS, 100 pairs of gloves, 120 Band-Aids for victims in Ramkot and Dhading, two of the hardest hit yet neglected areas outside of Kathmandu

LEAD International Pvt.: 48 liters of waters, which were carried away on motorbike by two local volunteers to help victims in Syuchatar, Kalanki, Kathmandu

Kathmandu Ward no. 5 Secretary: 120 L of water, 576 packages of biscuits, and 50 packs of Jeevan Jal (ORS).

Bir Hospital & TU Teaching Hospital: 288 L of water, 864 packages of biscuits, 150 packages of noodles. We partnered with the help desks at these hospitals to provide needed materials.

Karna Jayanty Foundation: 252 L of water, 2 solar lamps, 60 packages of noodles, 288 packages of biscuits. Supplies will go to a baal uddhar Kendra (child rescue center), Siphal, Kathmandu.

Earthquake Victim Relief Program: 12 solar lamps, 864 packages of biscuits, 150 packages of noodles, 144 L of water, and 1 power bank. Suryamati VDC

Kathmandu slum area: 72L packs of water, 288 packages of biscuits, 30 packages of noodles, 4 packs of baby cerelacs, ORS 50 packs

Group of local volunteers: 300 kg of rice, going to the most remote villages in Nuwankot where there is still no relief

Nepali local: ORS, Band-Aids, Gauze pads, fever relievers, masks, gloves, skin ointments, soap, antiseptics, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, first aid kits, power banks, analgesic, blunt fill needles, and antiseptic wipes, going to Sindhupalchowk Badegau 9